How to Throw a Rockin’ Tailgate Party


How to Throw a Rockin’ Tailgate Party

Fall means pumpkin-picking, warm drinks, and, of course, football season! Hosting a tailgate is the ultimate way to cheer on your team, and we’ve put together some insider tips on how to plan the best tailgate party.


1. Have a game plan

This might seem obvious but it’s true – the better organized you are, the smoother your tailgate will go. Making an invite list, buying supplies, and securing a location will make for an enjoyable and less stressful party for you.


2. Choose your food and drinks

The options for good tailgate food are endless, and every fan has their favorites, like these roasted jalapeño poppers. And as for drinks, beer is usually a crowd favorite but you can take it up a notch with a signature cocktail. When we cheer on the Vols, we like to sip on this Lynchburg Lemonade made with Tennessee Whiskey.


3. Plan decor and setup

Having enough seating and tables for food is expected, but don’t forget to make it festive with decorations. Whether you’re an expert Pinterest crafter or prefer to order decor on Amazon, you can find football or team- specific decorations that will make your tailgate one to remember. Here are some oh-so-cute but still simple ideas.


4. Don’t forget a playlist

Trust us, your guests don’t want to hear the same 5 songs on repeat at your party. You can plan ahead and make your own, or use a Spotify playlist that was specifically created for a tailgate season.


5. Prep for everything

Nobody wants to think about what can go wrong, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have safety equipment like a first aid kit and a small fire extinguisher; nothing kills a party faster than a grill fire.

Once everything is organized and ready, it’s time to celebrate by throwing on your jersey and waving your flags because it’s finally kick-off time! ClaiHill Farm hosts some pretty amazing tailgate parties; reach out if you’d like yours to be next.

Photo credit: USA Today