How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Venue


How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Venue

For many people, planning a wedding is both incredibly exciting and incredibly stressful. There are so many things to think about, from which catering company you’re going to hire to how you’re going to trust a child with your wedding rings. So, to make your search a little easier, here’s a list of five key things to consider while you’re shopping for a wedding venue.   

 1. Geographic Location 

Some locations offer romantic getaways, while others put you in the center of metropolitan hubs. But every location comes with its own set of difficulties. Making sure elegant local venues have enough parking is just as important as figuring out how your guests are going to fly to the remote island you booked for the big day. Your options are endless, unless your grandfather has a fear of flying.

2. Capacity

Are you looking to host a small, intimate ceremony or an impressive all-out bash? The size of the venue should reflect the size of the wedding you’re planning. Is there enough room for your college friends to dance without bumping into the dining tables? Is there enough space and seating between your two uncles who butt heads over politics? How will the size of the venue affect the feeling of your ceremony? Booking a huge venue for a small number of guests might seem grand and impressive, but those high ceilings could just as easily make the room feel cold and empty.

3. Style of Venue

You could get married in a Vegas drive-thru chapel, on a tropical island, or you could rent out a 15th century Italian castle like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Regardless, the venue’s style will dictate the feel of the entire event. If you want a hip and modern wedding, maybe check out a remodeled train depot. If you’re more interested in a rustic wedding, pay a visit to a historic home or a beautiful, repurposed farm. When possible, we always suggest touring the top contenders in person before narrowing down your options. Take pictures and jot down notes while you’re on site. Until you visit the venue, it will be difficult to envision your dream wedding there.

4. Pricing

Your dream wedding can still happen on a budget. Many venues are exorbitantly priced, but there are plenty of affordable options, too. Don’t be afraid to ask venue owners and staff about their pricing model. It’s better to be realistic and state your budget up-front, rather than waste time trying to negotiate with an inflexible vendor.

5. Overnight Accomodations  

If you’re planning a destination wedding, or a wedding that is more than an hour away, you must consider overnight accommodations for you and your guests. This becomes especially important if you’re celebrating in an area where taxi service is limited. Throwing your reception in an abandoned barn is a great idea, but not if your guests have to divvy up hay bales at the end of the night.

Planning a wedding is a daunting task, and choosing the venue is arguably the hardest part. But we hope this list gives you a little clarity about what you should be looking for.