5 Simple Ways To Take Any Party To The Next Level

5 Simple Ways To Take Any Party To The Next Level

There are so many reasons to celebrate – birthdays, reunions, engagements, holidays. But no matter what kind of event you’re planning, there are a few ways to take any party to the next level. Here are some easy ways to make your celebration truly sublime.

1. Serve A Signature Drink (Or Two) 

Whether you DIY or hire a bartender for the event, signature drinks add something special to any event. In addition to water and bottled drink options, why not mix up a festive punch or cocktail? For an added touch, give the drinks clever names that honor the party’s purpose. For engagement parties, we love “his and her” cocktails. Cheers!


2. Pack on the Personal Touches 

Attention to detail can really make a party memorable. Wow your guests with a thoughtful toast or playful parting gifts. Make up a clever hashtag for your guests to use on social media. If you’re celebrating one or two people in particular, honor their unique tastes and interests by weaving those elements into the food and décor. Little touches of personality will make your party feel more intimate and special.



3. Create A Killer Playlist 

Bad music can truly make a party fall flat, so tailor your playlist to the mood you want to create. Will your guests be busting moves on the dancefloor all night, or mingling casually? Be sure to include lots of familiar, crowd-pleasing hits, but don’t be afraid to throw in a few “wildcard” tracks – songs that will make people perk up and ask what’s playing. Here’s our only caveat: make sure the playlist is long enough to play all night without repeating. If you’re in a bind and don’t have time to curate your own playlist, let a streaming app like Pandora do the work.



4. Let the Games Begin

Plan opportunities for your guests to loosen up and participate in an activity, game, contest, or tradition. Karaoke is a fan favorite for any occasion, but the options are endless. It could be as simple as leaving a card game out on your coffee table. The point is to inspire guests to spend quality time together.


5. Throw a Themed Party

If you’re searching for a surefire way to excite your guests, choose a theme for your special occasion – or, at the very least, a cohesive color scheme. This theme can be incorporated into the music, food, and dress code for the night. Decade and destination themed parties are popular, but we encourage you to get creative. 


We hope you find these tips helpful. Now, it’s time to party!