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In 1942 Russ and Miona (Hill) Claiborne purchased the home and small farm of J.H. & Ruth Wynn Tinsley. Mrs. Claiborne named the farm by combining her maiden name, Hill, and her married name, Claiborne.
Thus, ClaiHill Farm was born.

Over the next 70 plus years, Russ and Miona would raise their 2 boys here and see 5 grand children and 4 great grand children come to know and love this place as home. After Mrs. Claiborne passed in 2013, her grandson, Donn Claiborne, Jr., purchased the property with the intent of renovating and turning the home and farm into a place for overnight stays and private events. His hope is to share this local Campbell County jewel and provide a unique venue for the community.

The current updates and changes underway will make sure the almost 100 year old home keeps it’s soul without changes to the facade but modernizing the inside. What was once a four bedroom two and a half bath with a small kitchen, will soon be transformed to a 3 bedroom 4.5 bathroom with a beautiful kitchen addition connected to a grand back porch with a fireplace. The home will be available for overnight stays and small gatherings beginning in autumn 2015.


full bathrooms


lovely bedrooms


Grand Opening

A brief introduction to your


Donn Claiborne Jr.

A little about Donn S. Claiborne, Jr. – the man behind the vision of ClaiHill Farm. Donn is a third generation Claiborne born and raised in LaFollette surrounded by the rolling mountains and beautiful lakes of East Tennessee. Donn’s grandfather, Russell Claiborne, founded the successful family businesses – Claiborne Construction and Key Limestone. Both Donn and his father (Donn, Sr.) were fortunate to join the Claiborne companies and contributed to their continued growth. From the family venture came Donn’s interest in real estate which took him to the large markets in Atlanta and Miami and resulted in a rewarding career.

Donn’s talent for real estate, renovation, and design brought him back to his home in LaFollette. He became passionate about rehabilitating and transforming his grandparents’ empty house into the home he remembered and loved from childhood. Donn’s vision included sharing the beautiful home and grounds with others celebrating life events and special occasions. He could think of no better way to commemorate and memorialize generations of family. He combined the family name of his grandfather “Claiborne” with the family name of his grandmother “Hill” and ClaiHill was brought to life.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a wedding, family reunion, or a fall break, come and enjoy the beauty and happiness of ClaiHill.